Mustang II

I’m beginning a new project and this one is a touch out of the ordinary for me. I know absolutely nothing about cars, but I’m going to be taking an old 1976 Ford Mustang II, modernizing it, restoring it, and converting it to electric power or die trying.

1310-1978-mustang-ii-evolutionRepairing Rust Damage with Fiberglass

My ride originally comes from Pennsylvania. As a result it has an ATROCIOUS rust problem. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the rust directly impacts the structural integrity of the vehicle. After removing my hood and fenders I was able to see the full extent of the damage. I decided to fix the damage by bonding fiberglass directly to the vehicle unibody.



1310-1978-mustang-ii-evolutionEngine Compartment Cleaning

This took a LOT of scrubbing! Followed by painting. Rust was a very significant concern so I spent a lot of time sanding the sucker down and then repainting in order to mitigate long term wear and tear as much as possible.

1310-1978-mustang-ii-evolutionTechnical Requirement Specification

My first objective is to establish the technical requirements for my project. The purpose of this vehicle, once built, is going to be taking me to and from work on a daily basis; however, I would like to maximize the vehicle’s acceleration where possible in order to yield a more pleasurable driving experience.

Slide2Design Requirement Specification

Most people hate it, but the 70s Mustangs are my favorite in the long line of pony cars. Whilst trolling the Internet for sexy hot rods, I stumbled upon this saliva inducing beauty put together by the folks at A-Team Racing.

Slide2Trippin’ on Dat ICE – 2.3L Engine Removal

It’s time to ditch my greasy old Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)! My Mustang II is currently running a 1976 2.3L v4 carbureted hunk of scrap metal.


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