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Matthew Toussain

Matthew Toussain (0sm0s1z) is a computer security professional. When not actively defending the nation’s networks from rampaging cyber pandas; he can be found tinkering with hacking tools, or speaking at any conference where he can find an audience. Between coding Subterfuge and developing/commanding the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Basic Cyber Competency Course, which now trains over 400 students per year, it would be a wonder if he had time for anything less nerdy in his life. Since he doesn’t, he spends the remainder of his time participating in national and international cyber competitions such as iCTF, CSAW, CCDC, and SANS NetWars. Matthew was a guest speaker at the 20th Anniversary of DEFCON, the largest security conference in the world, and a member of the only undergraduate team ever to become the overall winners in the NSA’s Cyber Defense Exercise defeating all contenders including the Air Force Institute of Technology. He lives in Biloxi, MS with a multitude of Cisco switches. His secondary passions include the piano, guitar, violin, and running. He has yet to figure out a way to mesh them together, but when he does it’s gonna be big.


Chris ShieldsChristopher Shields (r00t0v3rr1d3) is a lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He the first-ever Cyber Commander pioneering the United States Air Force Academy’s intensive summer curriculum. As an integral four-year member of the Academy’s internationally-recognized Cyber Warfare CompetitionTeam, he drove their 2012 Cyber Defense Exercise win, hosted by the NSA, and their second place finish at the 2012 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. A Cyberspace Operations Officer, Lieutenant Shields holds a Computer Science-Cyber Warfare degree. His growing experience and interest includes network penetration testing, network mapping and enumeration, intrusion detection, exploitation and persistence, and security research.

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