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DIY – Custom Server Closet

Why make your Closet this Awesome?


  • I have a lot of computer gear
  • Servers are cool
  • Server racks are expensive
  • Staring at the blinking lights for hours on end saves me money on movie tickets

FYI: This is still a work in progress, and I’ll update this post as I continue construction (wanted to use that word so badly, makes me feel all blue collar).


Convert a typical bedroom closet into a fully functional server room, without buying any prefabricated equipment.

Table Top


  • 41.5″ x 29″ Plexiglass sheet
  • 50″ Wooden Border Panel
  • Hardware: Wood Screws & Machined Bolts + Nuts, Wall Mounts


Built-in Server Rack


  • Aluminum Rails
  • 2x2x10 Wooden Block
  • Hardware: Wood Screws & Machined Bolts + Nuts


  • Cordless Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • File



Will additional info on what I did and how later.

imageNext Task:

That big open motherboard looking thing on top of the table is actually going to get built directly into the server rack. To do that I have to add aluminum legs to the back two corners, and then aluminum struts to the sides of the computer case itself (also plexiglass I built the whole thing a while back from spare parts, ebay, Lowes. The end result was a dual quad core xeon server for about $220 including the case.)

At that point the whole mechanism should slide right in, and I’ll be able to add the rest of my gear (mostly cisco catalyst switches) to the rack and be more or less good to go!

Oh! and LEDs too. Let’s not forget those blinking lights…